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Imagining the past while walking through the present 

Imagining the past when walking through the present can be a challenging but inspiring learning experience. Being in a city that has a history that goes back thousands of years will have a lot to tell.

Learning from the past is the best way to have a better present and future. You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.

Three main eras through the Athenian time period will be visited and interpreted.


Petros: An Unexpected Journey

At around 1613 BCE, the island of Santorini had a cataclysmic event, the Minoan eruption. The caldera reached a VEI of 6 and the eruption column reached heights of up to 38 kilometers. This caldera forming eruption produced a 60 meter thick layer of pumice that blanketed the island.

One specific piece of pumice named Petros was born on this day. After experiencing a terrifying journey of being launched in the air and free falling for what must have felt like a lifetime, Petros came to rest. He resides on the Island of Thera, in the now town of Fira. It is at this place that his story begins…


Built From Rock and Left in Marble

Out of all things to notice when first arriving in Greece, it was the marble curbs that initially caught my eye.

In the United States, people pay large amounts of money to have marble countertops or marble floors. There, it is a luxury to be able to afford marble products. Yet, in Greece, the streets in downtown Plaka are made out of slabs of marble. The floors in Athenian buildings regardless of wealth are marble. And many staircases in Santorini are also marble.

Here, most locals probably don’t think twice about it because marble is a commodity that is so widely used in day to day art and building techniques. But, a site like this is truly spectacular for the visiting American.

Journey to The Burning Island

As the last morning in Athens quickly approached I searched my mind for a possible idea for this undertaking of an assignment. I wanted something special to me that held importance for my time here in Greece therefore I chose to document and photograph our journey from the beautiful city of Athens to the bustling little island of Santorini. The trip held importance to me as this would be my first time traveling on a boat which seemed like such a far off idea just a few days earlier when I had been sitting in the dry desert of Arizona

The Cuisine of Greece

Every culture has its own unique cuisine, and it dates back to the very beginning of that country. For Greece, it dates back 4000 years and is a part of the history and culture of the country. Many of the ancient Greek foods are still present in the culture today; such as olive oil, white wine, wheat, and meat. I will be comparing the food in Greece today to how it was in the past, and how the food of a place can change within a culture. I will take you with me on a day’s worth of food in Athens, Greece.






The Graffiti of Greece: A Story of Social Outlet and Unrest

Graffiti is found nearly everywhere in this country. From the upscale neighborhoods to the chaotic downtown, it dots the cityscape with messages about the great social unrest that turmoils this country. Amidst the mayhem, creativity and artistry also flourishes. Read through and experience what it may be like to face the problems of this fascinating place. No matter where I go in this beautiful country, the people of Greece will have something to spray paint on their walls.