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The Spartan Way

Channeling my inner Spartan, I hiked up the steep slopes of the saddle between Mesa Vouno and Mon Profitas Ilias, leading to Ancient Thera. The 1.39 mile uphill trek took a while, with a copious amount of breaks to drink water and to rest. The sun beat down on me with a pressure only intensified by the humidity of the area. I felt extremely accomplished once I reached the top, I was able to look down on a large expanse of land and ocean. This is what the Spartans did every day for water in 700 BC. I was not only amazed by the view, but by the geologic processes that brought this rock that I stood on, that the Spartans stood on, hundreds of feet above the sea.

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A Spartan View

There’s the saying “a wise man built his house upon a rock,” and the people of Sparta did just that when choosing the location for Ancient Thera. Our class recently went to the ancient Spartan’s house upon a massive rock: the site of Ancient Thera.

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