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Up Close & Personal: Rock Edition

For the last week, I’ve been outside under the Santorini sun drawing and describing the post Minoan eruption stratigraphy of the island from different localities. I’ve been attempting to find answers to the history of the island’s geography through the rocks. And these rocks are so easily taken for granted, sitting while hundreds of tourists walk by unfazed by the stories they could tell. But that’s why I’m here. My purpose in coming to Santorini was to study the geology and write about what I learn. It’s my goal to share my knowledge and translate the more advanced topics of geology to layman’s terms so those reading can understand the work I’ve completed.

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Staying Active… Tectonically Speaking

I am currently sitting on a lounge chair by our hotel pool in beautiful Fira, Santorini, blogging and learning about the Aegean Sea and the active volcano that lies about 3.4 kilometers from my location.

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Built From Rock and Left in Marble

Out of all things to notice when first arriving in Greece, it was the marble curbs that initially caught my eye.

In the United States, people pay large amounts of money to have marble countertops or marble floors. There, it is a luxury to be able to afford marble products. Yet, in Greece, the streets in downtown Plaka are made out of slabs of marble. The floors in Athenian buildings regardless of wealth are marble. And many staircases in Santorini are also marble.

Here, most locals probably don’t think twice about it because marble is a commodity that is so widely used in day to day art and building techniques. But, a site like this is truly spectacular for the visiting American.